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Print is not Dead!

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AWi has been working tirelessly to perfect its patent pending flagship products Brandcentives™ and Brandicia™. With the newly granted United States Postal Service approval on our exterior perforated affixed pocket you can transform your direct marketing campaign today. See the DMM and Perforated Pocket Attachments.

Clients and customers alike are experiencing incredible results from the application of our products.

  • “188% lift in response over the control”
  • “Our mailer with your Brandcentives™ beat out four other control groups”

Brandcentives™ and Brandicia™ transform the consumer engagement through multi-sensory innovation. Visual, audible, tactile enhancements increase time spent on your message and response.

Innovation – Learn how AWi is constantly innovating new ways to create collateral that generates higher engagement and response rates.

Process – Learn how AWi’s intelligent methods and procedures ensure the effectiveness of our products and technologies.