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Companies can deliver educational, promotional and incentivized messages through their marketing collateral by adding Brandcentives™. It’s the cost-effective way to:

  • Deliver many offers on an economical footprint
  • Make educational materials portable
  • Extend the real estate on-pack and on-mail

Brandcentives™ feature a custom branded top cover, multi-fold booklet and branded adhesive-backed base layer. These elements are merged together using proprietary technology. When in use, the top cover peels away to reveal the enclosed multi-fold booklet’s content and base layer.

  • Expanded real estate
  • Maintain your brand while introducing co-op opportunities
  • Increased ad revenue for established vehicles
  • Increase response with engaging and unique method of action
  • Introduce portability to rewards, guides, and educational materials
Brandcentives - Adam Taylor Brandcentives - Oakley Womens Brandcentives

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  • Deliver unexpected affinity/loyalty benefits
  • Introduce another dimension to your packaging solution
  • Easily introduce new products to loyal users
  • Add gaming on new extended real estate
Brandcentives - Good Green Brandcentives - Pizza

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  • Enhance the buying experience – Add collectibles, Scratch ‘n Win, Scratch ‘n Sniff, or discounts to reward customers and build your brand
  • Cross-sell product lines - capitalize on the strength of an established brand to build another brand
  • Build in warranty info
  • Save advertising and mail delivery dollars by using an already established medium
Brandcentives - Popfizz